I can't wait to show off my bouquet, and the bridesmaids teal ribbon matches their dresses perfectly. It was an absolute delight working with you! I'm so grateful for all of your time, effort, patience, attention to detail and the beautiful arrangements you've created for me. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for real touch flower arrangements/bouquets.
I truly wish you the best!
Thank you so much,

I received the flowers and they are simply beautiful.
Thank you again for the amazing flowers you created for my wedding day. The were absolutely perfect. I had many compliments on them.
I will pass on your name to all the brides to be that come my way. 
September 8, 2012
My wedding plans had changed and I had 3 weeks (instead of 3 months) to plan a whole new wedding at another location! The new wedding was taking place in Vancouver instead of Toronto. I really wanted real touch flowers for my bouquet, but no one in Vancouver did them, only 2 companies in Toronto. I contacted the first company (who shall remain nameless), and like the first time I dealt with them several months ago, were not willing to accommodate for ONE bouquet and ONE boutonniere.
I found Jen from Treasured Moments and decide to give it a shot- thinking that there's no way someone would make me a bouquet during wedding season with what was 2 weeks left!
Jen replied very quickly, and said that even though it is very short notice she would still squeeze me in. She ordered the flowers right away, put the bouquet together and sent me pictures over email while she was making it (which I LOVED.)
My brother who was coming from Toronto to Vancouver for the wedding was going to pick up the bouquet ON HIS WAY TO THE AIRPORT so it was very crucial the exchange is on time. Jen was more than willing to drive from Barrie to one of the busiest malls in Toronto to meet with my brother -- she was on time, no fuss, no hassle.
When I received the bouquet in Vancouver from my brother, I fell in love. It was absolutely beautiful and exactly what I asked for. Everyone at the wedding loved it and it looks AMAZING in our pictures.
What I loved about Jen was that she was a very sweet person on email. She's like a really good friend helping me plan my special day -- there was a personality behind the emails. The other company was very robotic, too "business-y" if you will, and not very friendly/relatable. I would most definitely recommend Treasured Moments to Anyone!!! Thanks Jen, you were awesome (and I've never even met you!)
I found Jenn through Kijiji and since the day I emailed her, she has been a great help. Upon meeting with her and chosing the flowers, I knew I had found the right person to do this for me. She had the flowers ready in good time and they looked absolutely GORGEOUS.Everyone loved them and I couldn't imagine never have finding Jenn.
Tera & Dan
This was the easiest and best quality part of my wedding. Jenn is very flexable and able to incorporate your dreams into a wonderful reality. The wedding was an hour from where I live so the real touch flowers were perfect. I got them well in advance of the wedding - one less thing to worry about on the day. No one knew they weren't real, even after feeling them. The best part is now the bridal party has a keepsake of the wedding that won't wilt.
Loved working with Jenn! The flowers were perfect for our winter wedding at the Chateau Lake Louise. We had a problem with shipping and Jenn was so helpful and quick to help. Thank you again,
Jennifer from Treasured moments and flowers was amazing to work with.She responded quickly, was always professional, and was very easy towork with. I sent her images of what I wanted and she made it happen.She sent pictures of the progress so I could approve it. I was always on top of her progress and what was going on even though we live 4 hours apart. She was also very fair with her prices, and he flowers are of good quality. She sent me the flowers by mail, she sent me the tracking numbers of all the packages, so I knew where they were at all times. She did an amazing job with the packaging, and all came in untouched and
perfectly packaged. Everyone loved my flowers, and I got a lot of
compliments about them, and of my centrepieces. She even went out of her way to help me with the centrepieces; she gave me ideals, sent me a sample and picked the products up for me. Brides don't need extra stress, and she was the easiest, most professional person to work with. I loved her work!
We were more than impressed with the service and quality of silk flowers from Treasured Moments Flowers and Gifts. I would highly recommend Jen to do flowers for any wedding. Ours was a destination and the flowers traveled well and looked stunning. We used them again at our wedding dance when we returned. The colours and arrangements that Jennifer helped us design were absolutely beautiful. Thankyou Jennifer for making this such a worry free time for us.
I would not hesitate to recommend Treasured Moments to anybody. Jenn was absolutley wonderful to deal with. She made planning my florals for my wedding easy with no stress. I loved my bouquets, they were stunning and gorgeous. Contact with Jenn was prompt and very professional. She gave
me exactly what I wanted. I couldn't of asked for anything better. I was
one happy Bride!! :)
Jen was incredible, she responded very fast to my emails. I changed my mind a few times and she had no problem redoing quotes for me. Her flowers were amazing, they were exactly what I wanted. Her prices are absolutely unbeatable. I paid $460 for my set (taxes and shipping included) at my local flowers shop I was quoted $950 for the exact same thing. I had so many compliments on my flowers, and I would recommend to everyone I know :)
Working with Teasured Moments Flowers and Gifts was one of the best parts of my wedding and my wedding planning. I had the most fun, the best outcome, the quickest responses, the most customization, the most professional service and STUNNING, wonderful flowers. I was so happy to find this company and use their services, I would HIGHLY recommend it to other brides or for any of your other flowers needs. WONDERFUL!
I found Jenn extremely helpful, I was planning my wedding from Australia and so conversed with Jenn through email only and it wash't difficult at all. I sent pics of what I liked and Jenn recreated them beautifully. I went with artificial flowers and they were ready and waiting for me when i arrived in Canada. I would definitely recommend Treasured Moments.
My flowers were gorgeous, they were my favourite part of my wedding.
They looked just stunning and really stood out in my pictures. I would recommend Jennifer to everyone.
Jenn at Treasured Moments did the flowers for my wedding this past weekend. She was prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. I had no idea what I wanted and she was very helpful with suggestions, had fantastic ideas and was very understanding and accommodating every time I made a change (and I made several). The bouquets, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, pew decor, corsages... everything was stunning and I would
definitely recommend them.
I am beyond happy with the service I recieved from TMF. My original order for flowers did not work out and the order that I was told had
been placed was not actually placed and there was not enough time to
re-order again. I had a freind who had ordered through TMF and I had
seen her flowers and they were stunning. I knew I wouldnt go wrong in
the quality department. I emailed Jenn and told her my story and she was
incredible. Not only did she agree to take my order on short notice but
she went above and beyond to make sure the flowers were exactly what I
was looking for. I have recommended her on several occasions since then.
I am so glad that my original order fell through now that its all over I
wouldnt have done it any other way. My flowers were exactly what I
wanted and were absolutley stunning.
The flowers were amazing.  They traveled very well and looked incredible in the pictures. 
Thanks so much for being part of our special day.

We just got back yesterday from Punta Cana. I won't have my pictures until December, but I will definitely send you a couple which show my flowers and write something up for your website if you'd like to use it. By the way, my guests who I actually told about my flowers were amazed...they all wanted to touch them and feel them. One lady asked me how I got peonies since they are out of season, and you should have seen the look on her face when I told her about them!
Thank you,


I recently picked up my wedding bouquet and it is exquisite! I am
having a winter wedding, and have a real touch bouquet allows me to not
worry about the roses wilting before the ceremony or during pictures.
Jennifer is lovely to work with. She is always prompt with returning
emails & when we finally met, it was like chatting with an old
I will definitely recommend Jennifer to all of my friends, and will not hesitate to use her services in the future!
Many thanks,
Jenn and Treasured Moments is amazing. She is a pleasure to work with. I had a destination wedding and after learning about Real Touch flowers, decided that was definitely the way I wanted to go so I could get
exactly what I wanted for my wedding flowers. I only wanted one bouquet and one bout, which turned out to apparently be very difficult to find someone to do...until I found Jen. She is very accomodating,
understanding, quick to respond, sent me preview pictures throughout the whole process and made me feel like a very special bride! I highly
recommend her. I even had guests asking me how I got certain flowers
that were out of season (I gave away my secret because I couldn't
We were more than impressed with the service and quality of silk flowers from Treasured Moments Flowers and Gifts. I would highly recommend Jen to do flowers for any wedding. Ours was a destination and the flowers traveled well and looked stunning. We used them again at our wedding dance when we returned. The colours and arrangements that Jennifer helped us design were absolutely beautiful. Thankyou Jennifer for making this such a worry free time for us.
They are absoloutly amazing! :).  Thanks so much for all you have done.
We are back from Punta Cana officially all married up! I'd like you to see how beautiful your flowers were on my wedding day. They surely made for some beautiful pictures!

Hi Jennifer
Thank you so much for making our flowers for our wedding.
They looked beautiful and everyone was so surprised when they found out they weren't real.
Thank you again.
Teresa O'Keefe (nee LaBossiere)

I have purchased 2 wedding bouquette and cake
toppers from you in the last year, 2014.
They were so beautiful that other people have been asking for your contact information. I have 2 more orders to send your way in 2015. You made the process very exciting with lots of contact and pictures along the way. When the bouquettes arrived, both brides and their families couldn't believe how gorgeous the flowers were in reality compared to the pictures (which were already gorgeous)! I hope that people read this review and pick you for their bouquettes and toppers. Your prices were better than everyone else that we scouted and the time frame is fast! We couldn't ask for better product or service!
A MILLION THANK YOU's from all of us in Vulcan Alberta!!
Wendy Noualy (wedding Planner)
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